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My Paris Fashion Week Looks


Red is the key As you can see from the pictures, the red color prevails in all my Paris Fashion Week looks. Red is my favorite colors, but it was also a happy coincidence. Paris Fashion Week was a valuable and pleasant experience. I attended many fashion shows and I can consider this one of the best Fashion Weeks I have been to.   Look 1: So Rock On my first day there I attended to Redemption fashion show. I…

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Elie Saab Spring 2018 Couture, Inspiration For Any Future Bride-to-Be


Lebanese designer Elie Saab presents his Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2018 collection in Paris and I have to say that had fairy-tale and ‘once upon a time’ vibes.  For this collcetion the designer were inspired by the women in Paris in the 1920s translating their sophisticated elegance into pieces of timeless chic. “I was inspired by the energy and atmosphere of this iconic time, when women lived large and dressed beautifully,” he told Vogue. “I wanted to revisit the era to…

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A Christmas scent


We still have a few more days until Christmas to finish once and for all purchasing gifts for our loved ones. Sometimes we run out of ideas and spend days trying to find the perfect gift, or we like to let things until the last minute and rush immediately to the stores and get the presents. In order to make things a bit easy for all of you, in our previous posts, we have listed our ideas that would make…

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