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Post-Beach Skin and Hair Care


All those days spent by the beach will come to an end and as soon as we return to our daily activities, we will notice that our look needs a makeover. Hair is the first thing to worry about when you get back from your holidays. As much as you try to fix them properly, something is wrong and you do not know what to do. You might notice a change on your hair color because it has become a…

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What To Pack For a Holiday


Holiday season has already started and some of you might be at the beach right now, while others are still figuring out what to do this summer. Somehow, you spend a lot of time planning your summer holidays and less time is given to the packing part. If you have a last minute packing situation, you will surely forget one or two things, but if you stay long hours in the sun and spend a lot of time swimming, you…

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