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Best Beauty Moments from the Grammy’s over the years


As the night of the Grammy Awards is approaching, it comes to my mind many moments from this event through the years. For some of them, people still talk about it nowadays and for some others, it is just a lost memory. Speaking of moments, I would like to bring in the center of attention some unforgettable moments from the Grammy’s and also a few beauty moments that I still remember. For many people these moments have become some kind…

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Back To The 90s Hairstyles


In recent years, fashion and beauty trends are giving us flashbacks from the `80s and especially the `90s. It has been quite some time now that the `90s style is spread like a virus and everyone owns a piece of cloth that reminds you of those days. When it comes to beauty, the hairstyle of the `90s was definitely the first trend to be embraced and we couldn’t be happier than to be given another chance to wear the hair…

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