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10 Beautiful French Actresses Of All Times


Whenever we have a conversation between friends about the most beautiful actresses of all times, we mostly talk about Hollywood women. But, on a second thought, the European movie industry has known some of the most beautiful women, who are unknown to some, or they may have only heard about them. The world of cinematography is widely spread and French movies have also had their share of the deal. French women have always been related to the figure of sensuality…

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Catherine Deneuve auctions her Yves Saint Laurent couture collection at Christie’s for more than $1 million


A couture collection formerly owned by Catherine Deneuve and designed by the late Yves Saint Laurent has fetched $1million (£785,887) at the auction house Christie’s. The French actress was a muse to the designer as well as a close friend for 40 years (she read a poem at his funeral in 2008) and many of the pieces in the collection date back to the 1960s and 1970s when Laurent making waves in the fashion industry by introducing the Le Smoking female tuxedo suit. Therefore,…

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