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An Autumn Scent


Autumn is the greatest of times when it comes to changes. At a certain point it looks like a new year or a new period in our life has just started. There is no better time than autumn to opt for a new perfume that will be in perfect synchronization with our mood and our desire for a change. Many brands have already launched new scents, while some of them have brought back their old perfumes, but with a new…

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Aromatherapy Relaxation


When I have a busy day, all I can think about is a quiet place filled with aromatherapy candles and me lying down on the floor, surrounded by dozens of pillows and just relax. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one dreaming about this place that will make you feel much happier and definitely less stressed. I consider myself quite a positive person, one who likes to be surrounded by people who only bring joy to…

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