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Best Mascaras of All Time


Ever since we were little girls, watching our moms applying mascara, was a fascinating process, because the lashes would change in an instant. We wished we could look like them and we started making a total mess trying to make our lashes bold, or trying to apply lipstick, which most of the time was out of the lip line. Soon, applying makeup became an obsession and as we grew up, we started searching for the right products. One of the…

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Hide those imperfections


As much as we skip gym or our diet, there is one thing that we should never ever skip: our beauty routine, or better say our skincare routine. When talking about skincare, it can take days or weeks for me to speak on this matter as the importance of it is at high standards. I always say that a good skincare routine begins with a good sleep. But, as much as we take care of our skin, still there is…

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