Elsa Hosk Will Wear the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra


As if the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show wasn’t tough competition as it is—each year the girls compete for three coveted positions in the lingerie extravaganza: the show opener, the Swarosvki outfit and the Fantasy Bra.

In the last three years, Elsa Hosk has clearly become a favorite with all the right people at Victoria’s Secret. The Swedish stunner who has been working with Victoria Secret since 2011, was named the lucky model to wear this year’s fantasy bra. Ticking off another bucket list item.

Hosk first started off as a VS Pink ambassador, and in 2014 she was officially given her first set of wings and the title of Victoria Secret Angel. In 2016 she had the honor of opening the runway show in Paris. In 2017 for the Shanghai show, Hosk wore the Swarovski outfit (a one-of-a-kind crystal-embellished outfit designed for one Angel). This year the Dream Girls Fantasy Bra is all hers.

“This is the fantasy bra! Holy sh—t!” was Hosk’s first reaction to seeing her custom bra. “It’s one of the most beautiful fantasy bras I’ve ever seen in my career—and it fits my personal style so well. It’s very understated, but glamorous, it has a real ’90s throwback vibe to it. And it’s all diamonds—which is perfect for me.”

This year’s fantasy bra was designed by Swarovski and is comprised of 21,000 diamonds. It’s valued at a cool $1 million dollars. It took 4 craftsman and 930 hours to create this piece of lingerie. Hosk will also wear a coordinating Swarovski by Christopher Kane crystal necklace and bangles to accent her look for the show on Thursday. For the first time, customers will be able to buy a similar, albeit much less expensive version of this fantasy bra for $250 on November 29th.

“Where am I going to go from here?” Hosk joked when asked what was left on her career to-do list? “I was just telling my agents in a meeting that there’s still a lot of photographers I want to work with, and I think there’s a new generation of photographers that are coming up, and their style is really cool and different. But I’m so thankful for each and every opportunity I’ve had.”

With just 3 days to go until the big show returns to its origins in New York City, the model said she’s been switching things up in terms of her show prep. “Every year I like to try something new, so this year I’ve been working with Megan Roup. It’s a dance-based workout, but you’re not really learning a dance—I’m terrible at choreography. Megan makes it really easy, and fun. As I get older, I want a workout that maximizes my time doing as little as possible, with maximum results. This does it for me.”


From Harper’s Bazaar

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