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Elizabeth Taylor’s On Screen Jewelry


At the height of her fame, Elizabeth Taylor took on an uncredited role in the 1969 film Anne Of The Thousand Days, starring alongside her then husband, Richard Burton, who was playing Henry VIII in the Anne Boleyn biopic. A cameo as a masked courtesan might have seemed like a curious choice for the world’s most famous woman, but it presented Taylor with the opportunity to immortalise her La Peregrina pearl onscreen. A gift from Burton to Taylor, the pearl belonged to the Spanish royal family for over 250 years, was part of Mary Tudor’s collection, and eventually found a home in the starlet’s jewellery box after it was sold at auction in 1969.

It wasn’t the first time Taylor gave her personal jewels a starring role – she often incorporated her most precious gems into her characters’ wardrobes. Her Bulgari floral brooch — given to her by her fourth husband Eddie Fisher — made cameos in several films, while her penchant for record-breaking diamonds became so famous it would ultimately influence the movies she appeared in.

Here, on what would have been her 89th birthday, British Vogue reveals 13 times Elizabeth Taylor’s love affairs with film and jewellery overlapped.













Here’s Lucy, 1974
Appearing as themselves in Here’s Lucy, Taylor and Burton were involved in a skit that saw host Lucille Ball get the Taylor-Burton diamond stuck on her ring finger.





From British Vogue

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