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In business meetings I must have a more serious and elegant look and I try to schedule them all on the same day so that my outfit can be suitable to the occasion. It is not easy to choose the right clothes because apart from the fact that my look should be both serious and elegant, I also need to add some fashion to it. This is the day when representatives of some international companies had come to talk business in my shop, “Delirium”.
For that day, I chose a Givenchy dress. It is from the previous season but it remains one of my favorites because I feel so comfortable in cotton. Monogram color play is another important element in this dress so I decided to bring these colors in my accessories like bag, shoes and also in my jacket. This dress can also be combined with some rock music details such as this YSL bracelet which is one of my favorites. If you are wondering about my glasses, let me tell you that they are from Celine and I have been wearing them for a while now because I think they fit my face but also because I love big glasses.

Photography Geljant Kaleci

Place: Rogner Hotel

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