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Dry shampoo anyone?


When dry shampoos were invented, the world seemed a better place. Well, let’s just say that it somehow has made life easier for those who don’t have enough time to wash and dry their hair quite often. For men it can be easy, but women need time to wash their hair, put a mask on or conditioner, comb them afterwards and finish it by styling the hair. You see? No time at all. But, not having enough time is not the only obstacle for washing hair that often, but even the possibility of it, is not a good thing, because it does not keep your hair healthy.

We should be aware too of the fact that using a dry shampoo very often is not the right thing to do, because it can irritate the scalp by damaging it, and it can cause hair loss. But, if you use it once in a while, your hair will be safe.

I first discovered dry shampoo through an interview from Karl Lagerfeld. The designer mentioned the fact that he uses Dry Shampoo to get rid of his greyish hair and make them white. So, I started searching on the internet for Dry Shampoos and I was amazed by the benefits one gets from using them. They are the solution to a “bad hair looking day”, they get rid of any trace of dirt and oil in the hair and some of them give volume to the hair. So, have a look at some of the best dry shampoos. I personally love Batiste, which was the first dry shampoo I ever used, Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder, and Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. What about you? Do you have a favorite one?

All photos are courtesy of their respective brands

Written by: Enxhi Tufina

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