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You know when you find an outfit combination you really love and you wear it on repeat? OK, well hear us out—what’s the difference when it comes to the meals you prepare? If you like something and it makes your life easier (like already knowing what you’re going to wear for the day) then why not lean into it? You already know the ingredients to buy at the store, you don’t have to look up the recipe while prepping the meal, you become a master at perfecting the dish … you get the picture. Our editor, Michelle Scanga, and Kourt’s assistant, Liz Muller, are team repeat meals and actually came up with this story together.

That said, to be fair and play equal sides, we’re breaking down the pros and cons of eating repeat meals during the week.

The pros:
• Convenient, comforting, and saves time (enough said)
• Saves brain power for other tasks (think decision fatigue and how super successful people wear the same outfit over and over to eliminate mindless decisions in the morning)
• Reduces the urge to order delivery since the pressure of what to eat is off the table
• Saves money (because again, less delivery)
• Helps to keep your life scheduled

The cons:
• The risk of not getting an adequate amount of vitamins from different foods (so just make sure your repeat meal is filled with balanced nutrients)
• Boredom (this one is a personal preference—if you’re the type of person who needs to change it up on the regular, then this hack might not be for you)
• The need to be cautious of gut health, since rotating a variety of foods increases the range of good bacteria in your gut (you can also add a daily probiotic like this one to help balance your digestive health)


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