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DISORGANIZED? Hacks to Change That

Have you ever had a moment where you’re frustrated because you can’t find a document for work or want to find something quickly around your house, but can’t because you don’t remember where you put it? We thought so—everybody has.

We’ve rounded up some tried-and-tested organizing hacks that will help you out when it comes to all things organization, whether it’s work-related or personal. Read on to find out some unique ways to keep things in your life out of chaos (and don’t forget to reward yourself after you’ve successfully ditched your disorganized habits).


Keep running notes on your phone
Keeping an ongoing note on your phone of important things you need to remember can be helpful. Don’t forget to keep it “pinned” so that it’s always at the top for easy access.


Schedule important tasks (including self-care time) in your calendar
During the workweek (and life in general!), we’re all for properly scheduling out the day. Google Calendar will not only keep you organized with your to-do lists, but it will also ping you 10 minutes before your next call or meeting. It’s like a personal assistant in your pocket.


Label things
Being able to find things easier FTW. You can use chalkboard paint on mason jars or cabinets.


Save the tags from your loaf of bread
This is a clever way to keep your electrical cords together. Plus, you can label the tags with a fine-point sharpie.


Reuse your can tabs
The tabs on your cans can be used to hang two hangers at once and open up more closet space. Who’s not in favor of having more room for their clothes? Say no more.


Use drawer dividers to organize your space
This is a great one for your lingerie, T-shirt, and pajama drawers.


Utilize baskets
We love a chic space saver. Use baskets for storing different items in your house and have them clearly labeled.


Be mindful of where you set things down
We know it’s easier and more convenient to just set things down when we’re in a hurry, but all this does is take up more time later. Place items where they are used, not where there is open space.


Use shoe organizers as storage
When you have tons of books, crafts, or cleaning products, put them in a shoe organizer (separated by category) for easy storage.


Have a designated spot for all important paperwork
Keep all important documents such as your bills and health information nicely organized in categorized folders and then store them all in one place.


Use a tension shower rod under your sink
Did you know that the tension rod in your shower is adjustable? Use one underneath the sink to hang your bottles of multipurpose bathroom cleaners.


Use file organizers in your kitchen cabinets
Office organizers (the ones typically meant to organize folders) can be used to store pots and pans. This way, you can easily slide them in and out of the cabinet instead of stacking them on top of each other.


Utilize the bookmarks on your browser
OK, we’ve all had a work panic moment when we weren’t able to reference a Google Doc quickly enough. Keep all your important Google Docs saved as bookmarks. Another hack is creating bookmark folders so all coordinating docs are in the same folder, allowing you to quickly reference them.


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