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One of the fashion shows that impressed us most this year was definitely the Dolce & Gabbana show, mainly because it was dedicated to the family and more specifically to girls, women and mothers. Bianca Baltin and some other pregnant models killed the catwalk. I think that many girls see themselves in the #DGfamily. Stefano and Domenico are drawing inspiration from countries like Sicilia, Spain and Mexico for several years now, but finding inspiration in one of the most sacred things, like family, is very touchy. This is something you can also see in the Dolce & Gabbana’s publicity campaigns. Besides the beautiful clothes and their unique style, we also notice a more essential characteristic; the portraying of the grandeur in women. This makes us feel special and fall in love with this collection. My bathing suit is from the Spring/Summer collection and I simply adore it because it best reveals a girl’s lines and displays a lovely color play; these characteristics make you feel like you are on their catwalks again. I have always been a great fan of this line because I think that it perfectly suits my body lines, but I also like it for the designs that remind me of the “femme fatale” in the “Malena” movie. Monica Belluci stars in the movie and I have always adored her for her curved body and typical Mediterranean colors. When I was a little girl I used to see my mom in Dolce & Gabbana suits and I was so impressed that I think that in my subconscious I was connected to the Dolce & Gabbana family since then. I also watched their fashion shows at Fashion TV with my mom. I was just reminding those days and the way they marked me and make one of their fans for life 
This photo shoot is one of my favorites, because I feel myself, in my style and it also made me dream more, as a fan of the Latin countries and their look. During the performance I felt like an old movies actress and the photographer, Endri, created the perfect atmosphere for me to feel so.

Photography: Endrit Mertiri

Make Up: Suela Cangu

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