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DEAL-BREAKERS in Relationships

So, what’s the deal with non-negotiables? When you start to see habits and routines in your significant other that you don’t want to tolerate (for a lifetime) … that’s how you know if you’ve come across a deal-breaker in your relationship.It can be the moment when you’re in bed and realize you don’t want to be lying next to them anymore because they go to bed early and want the room quiet so you’re left there with nothing to do. This may seem trivial, but if they go to sleep early every night and you’re a night owl, well, things might not end up working out. Or maybe it’s something a bit more serious, like you realize you’re not on the same life path … either way, we’ve come up with a list of things that could be deal-breakers in a relationship. Read on to see what made the list.

Whether or not you believe that once you’re a cheater you’re always a cheater, it’s good to remember how it makes you feel. Relationships are supposed to be safe, and stepping out on someone is disrespectful. So even if you have a forgiving heart, always remind yourself of your worth. There are POF in the sea.Snooping through your phone (more than once)
It’s always shocking to find someone looking through your phone … and it’s usually their own phone that has the incriminating evidence!

The only thing they should be controlling is the remote for the television.

Someone who doesn’t want you to post certain things on social media
If they are trying to manage what and how you post on your own social media, then they need a reality check.

Someone who doesn’t post you on social media
We’ve heard every excuse in the book on this topic, and if this is happening after a good amount of time in the relationship, then it’s safe to say that they’re hiding you.

Rude to staff in public
A reflection of how they might treat you one day.

Low sex drive
If you love having sex as much as the next person and your significant other has a low sex drive, it may be time to consider that the two of you are incompatible.

Always on their phone
This is annoying. Don’t be annoying.

Can’t hold a meaningful conversation
Surface-level conversationalists are experts at avoiding the answers to important questions. How are you supposed to get to know someone who doesn’t stimulate you intellectually?

Talks about themself too much
And the worst part is that they don’t even notice.

Doesn’t kiss you at red lights
We don’t mean literally every traffic light. What we’re saying is that if the relationship lacks passion at moments like this then go out and find the Travis to your Kourt.

Drastically different music taste
Car rides will be dreadful for one of you.

No explanation is needed here.

Lacks etiquette
They interrupt you or they chew with their mouth full, gross.

Money obsessed
Having drive is one thing, and being obsessed with something is another.

No sense of humor
You can’t be out here spitting one-liners and have them not laugh … awk.

They constantly cancel
Cancel on us, we’ll cancel you.

They always expect you to pay
Counting on one party to fork the bill every time is a sure cause for resentment.

They gaslight you
If you’re not sure if this is happening to you, read up on it here.

They’re too jealous
Let’s be honest, it’s cute and flattering at first until it becomes unattractive and tiresome.

No shared values
For example, when one person wants children while the other does not.


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