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While we can’t escape everyday stressors, like unexpected traffic on the way to work or waking up on the wrong side of the bed (literally!), we can control the way we handle these minor setbacks. It’s easy (and normal) to let the negative outweigh the positive (hello, millennial burnout), and quickly forget to appreciate the simple things in life.

Put your self-care higher on your priority list (if it’s not already), and practice to live in the moment; this will vastly improve your quality of life. Pause to be grateful. Acknowledge what satisfies you. Stop and smell the roses (seriously), or at the very least, look up from your phone long enough to see them. These habits are truly an art, but we encourage you to carve out the time. The new app, Happy Not Perfect, is an easy resource to kickstart your mindfulness routine. We tapped founder, Poppy Jamie, for five small things everyone can do to live their best life.

Go ahead, poosh the pause button and get yourself into a mindful state of mind.

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Belly Breathing

“When you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, the best way to return to a mindful, relaxed state is to practice belly breathing. Relax your shoulders, and focus on inhaling into the lower lungs, expanding your belly as you do so. Exhale, and as all the air leaves, your belly should move towards the spine. This type of breathing is really powerful in reducing anxiety anywhere—and—at any time. If you want to learn more, head to the Happy Not Perfect app and you can watch our tutorial.”



“A recent study found that the average person only spends around five percent of their day outside. Why not drink your morning coffee and go for a little stroll down the road or in a park, taking a moment to think about what you can see, smell, and taste? That daily connection to nature will help you feel more mindful and, at the same time, you will benefit from some extra vitamin D.”


Eat Without Your Phone

“How many of you will grab lunch and scroll through social media at the same time? You end up eating mindlessly and usually forget to hear the signs to say that you’re full. Eating undistracted and really focusing on the taste and texture of your food will help you enjoy and appreciate the yummy nutrients so much more.”


Gratitude Diary

“Studies show that you can increase your happiness by 10 percent through writing a daily gratitude journal. It is a great way to practice thinking about what you have in your life, rather than what you don’t, and therefore appreciating the little things in life. Download the Happy Not Perfect app, where you’ll find a digital grateful diary that you can store daily notes in.”


A Happiness Workout

“Meditation is an obvious tip to feel more mindful, but if you’ve tried this and it hasn’t worked for you, do not worry. We just launched The Happiness Workout, which is a science-backed daily, multi-step tool aimed at millennials. Users are guided through a five-minute interactive ritual, and practice to relax, process thoughts, and engage in expert-led techniques to foster a little more “happiness” and a little less stress.”


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