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Exploring Cuba


Did you happen to think of thousands of miles of white sand beaches, small beautiful isolated towns with amazing architecture and clear blue waters?

Well, you are not the only one, so quit dreaming cause it’s time to pack for Cuba!

Cuba offers a wide range of places to visit. There’s something in Cuba for just about every type of traveler!!



You can start this unforgettable trip by first going to its capital, Havana. If you don’t come to Havana when you visit Cuba, you’re doing this country an injustice. Havana is one of the most wonderful cities we’ve ever visited. And by that, I don’t mean ‘oh isn’t this wonderful, darling’. Havana really is full of wonder and one of the best things to do in Cuba.

From the crumbling buildings to its curious narrow streets brimming with life and ingenuity, Havana is Cuba’s capital for a reason. Here you get the perfect screenshot of a culture the rest of the world has pretty much ignored for so many years.

The personality of this fascinating country is magnetic, infectious and impossible to say no to.



Spot Vintage Cars in Cuba

When I think of Cuba, vintage colorful cars start to run through my mind. Driving a rental car in Cuba is an extraordinary experience and you definitely should try! You’ll feel like you are right back in the 50’s while you travel through the picturesque streets of the capital or the magnificent landscapes of the Island.

The bright colors, the sounds of the old engines, the people driving them… it’s like going back in time. These cars are useful pieces of art and a must see in your life!

Where to stay while in Havana…

The Hotel Ambos Mundos

In the early 1930’s, the American writer, Ernest Hemingway, stayed in this hotel and, in the room 511, he wrote the first chapter of For whom the bell tolls since he found the hotel “a good place to write”. Nowadays, the room the writer had, keeps some of his belongings and the Plaza de Armas restaurant serves his favorite dishes.

The Hotel Ambos Mundos, it is par excellence the literary hotel of Havana. Of category four stars, at the present time it is, a good place to enjoy a stay that will allow to admire the values of the old part of Havana. You shouldn’t miss this place!!


Hotel Santa Isabel, Havana

The Santa Isabel is the grandest of Old Havana’s hotels and is located in a privileged city life environment, just in the heart of the historical center of the city of San Cristobal de la Habana, at 9 Baratillo Street Shambles, in the corners de Obispo and Narciso Lopez Streets.

Walking through the halls of the Hotel Santa Isabel is very pleasant. You will enjoy the decoration of the lamps, vases, figures and squares of great value. This place is a worth!


Trinidad Cuba

When traveling to Cuba, do not only focus on visiting Havana, as the country offers a variety of wonderful places that you should add on your list. Staying a few days in Trinidad, Cuba is a must. Trinidad is considered as the best-preserved colonial town in Cuba and the old town is a UNESCO heritage site since 1988. If you are passionate about old buildings with a fascinated architecture, then, Trinidad is the right place for you to be because it is surrounded with brightly colored buildings and cobblestone streets.

While in Trinidad there is so much you can do besides taking wonderful photos. You can take a stroll through Plaza Mayor, visit the Historical Museum and head on the rooftop to witness a breathtaking sunset. Other activities include heading to the nearest beach at Playa Ancon, or you can visit Vegas Grande Waterfalls.

Plaza Mayor




Vegas Grande Waterfalls


Vinales, Cuba

Another tourist attraction in Cuba is Vinales, a vast green valley, where the majority of the tobacco is grown. You also have the possibility to go hiking if you want to better explore this wild wonderland, horseriding in the Palmarito Valley and bathing in cave pools.


If you are visiting Trinidad or Vinales, it is better if you stay with a local Cuban family (casa particulares) if you want to taste local food, drink local rum, chat with the locals, etc.



Varadero is one of Cuba’s most famous beach destinations. If you are a beach person , then Veradero’s beaches won’t disappoint you!! Absolutely beautiful. White sand and warm water.


We recommend you to stay at Melia Varadero Hotel. Beautiful layout, nice rooms with a character, great ocean view.

This place has a unique architecture Sea star shape. Outside the landscaped areas had plenty of shade from the beautiful Palms, with huts to enjoy a siesta. We are sure that you will have a great time here!




Do you want to swim with dolphins and to share a kiss with them? Going to Cuba in November and a trip to Delfinaro is a must. The Delfinario, is located close to Varadero, just along the Cuban coastline.

Swimming with the dolphins and touching them is by far the best activity that you can do in Cuba! The joy that this creature radiates is explainable! Its a worth experience and you will have so much fun!!


You should not leave Cuba without experiencing it to the fullest. Check below 10 best things to do while in Cuba:

  1. Smoke a Cuban Cigar and learn how to roll it
  2. Ride in a classic car and explore places
  3. Drink a real Mojito. There’s no place like Cuba if you want to try the best Mojito ever.
  4. Visit Hotel Nacional de Cuba. Many famous personalities have been there, so take the opportunity and visit it.
  5. Go dancing. Never miss a night out in Cuba, because the locals love music and dancing.
  6. Eat real Cuban sandwich.
  7. While in Trinidad, go dancing at Disco Ayala located in an underground cave.
  8. Visit the Tabacco fields
  9. Drink Daiquiri. The famous drink was invented in the early 30s in Havana, so you should not miss the opportunity to drink Daiquiri at El Floridita, one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite spots located in Old Havana.
  10. Besides eating at tourist restaurants, you should also try meals from a Cuban cafeteria, to understand better what the locals eat on a daily basis.




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