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Crush of The Week: Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey is our style icon of the week. Firstly, can I tell you Lana that I’m your fan? Yes I am, because you bring the poet out in me. Over the years, I have followed the music, art, and style of Lana Del Rey with extreme passion. She’s been there for us when we’ve got that summertime sadness and when all we want to do is get high by the beach. Lana Del Rey has made a name for herself as a goddess of melancholy lyrics matched with slinky, sultry vocal. But what I LOVE – is her sense of vintage and retro style! Vintage style and creative sound have made her a much-discussed figure in fashion and music.

She knows how to tour with style, playing hit songs from her albums while rocking a rotation of beautiful hair and makeup looks and signature outfits. Her vintage music sound and style make her very memorable. She has a style that is unique and retro. Much like her music, her style is at once retro-chic and forward thinking. Deeply glamorous, thoroughly heartfelt, and just a little bit poetry; that’s Lana Del Rey.

Video music like: ‘Ride’, ‘Summertime Sadness’ , Video Games’ etc made people to follow her style. She has classy look, which consists of 1960’s inspired gowns, skinny jeans, 1970’s style sweaters and those special 1980’s bad girl looks. Lana has almost single handedly made 50s style fashion a new current day trend. American singer/songwriter Lana Del Rey who uses 60’s fashion, style and music to influence her career. Her 60’s influence is apparent her distinctive and vintage appearance. The reality is, many of us still love the old era’s and use these platforms to create modern day looks but using inspiration from the 1950’s, 1960′ and 1970’s and it’s apparent that these eras have been socially accepted amongst society.

One of Lana’s most recognizable looks is her in some sort of floral dress and a flower crown on her head. Her style of denim is washed out and more over sized which is meant to give off a more vintage feel to the look. This singer popularized many fashion trends, including flower crown, the Yankees hat and those swingy fit and flare dresses. If you enjoy Lana Del Rey’s style and artistic vision, you can emulate her by taking inspiration from her on-stage attitude, her retro outfits and makeup, and her dramatic singing and songwriting.

In this post, we have chosen some of our favorite Lana’s look. Enjoy….



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