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CREATIVE Date Night Ideas


You’ve checked off drinks, dinner and drinks, dinner and a movie … and now what? Whether you’re newly dating someone or deep in a relationship, planning a ~creative~ date night might make you sweat. Yes, nothing beats discovering a new restaurant to dine at or cooking a new Poosh recipe and chilling on the couch catching up on your shows, BUT if you’re looking to change up your typical d8 night (or afternoon!) activity list, we’ve got some ideas for you. With the help of our team and our readers, we have unique ways to spend time with your s/o. Take the pressure off your next date night with these ideas.

• Have a group late-night second dinner at one of your favorite restaurants
• Do an at-home spa night
• Plan an at-home pottery class or a wine and paint class
• Bowling
• Drive-in movie (nothing like a hot hookup in a car)
• Stargazing at night
• Last-minute road trip
• Arcade or Topgolf
• Escape rooms
• Sunset hike + picnic (sweat before you really sweat, if you know what we mean)
• Long walk around the neighborhood
• Dinner and salsa dancing
• Comedy show
• Window shopping


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