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Concealer or Foundation First?


When it comes to applying concealer and foundation we are faced with the issue on which to apply first. If you ask a makeup artist, you might get different answers.

But most makeup artists suggest that foundation should be applied first and then you can continue with a concealer. Even if you are used at the idea of putting concealer first and then foundation, please read below the reasons why it is important to use foundation first.

  1. See the areas that need more coverage

If you apply foundation first you will notice the areas of your face that need more coverage. If you think that your face needs more coverage, you can use the concealer and the marks on your face will disappear. By doing so, you have managed to even your skin tone. The best way to apply concealer after foundation is by using a brush first and then blend it with a sponge, or by using your fingers.

  1. More than necessary

If you apply the concealer first, you will probably end up using a lot more than what your skin really needs, and the result won’t be that good.


  1. Hide mistakes

When you use foundation first, you might notice that you have not spread the foundation correctly, and by using a concealer you will fix your mistakes and even your skin tone.

But, some makeup artists say that there is an exception on using concealer first.

If your face suffers from blemishes and redness, you can use the concealer first, to hide the imperfections and then move on with a foundation.


By Enxhi Tufina

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