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I have quite often found inspiration in Angeline Jolie at “The tourist” movie, most specifically at the scene where we see her enjoy her morning coffee, so charming, in one of the coffee shops of Paris. Maybe instinctively, that image urged me to think of the photo shoot that I am now sharing with all of you. Soon I also share some of the films that have inspired me through the years. In fact, whenever I have some free time, I love to spend it sipping a coffee with a friend or college in one of the coffee shops near my boutique. At this time of the year I love wearing silk wide pants like these ETRO pants or even linen pants combined with a “Crop Top” as it is my case with the Alberta Ferrety “philosophy” blouse\jacket. This kind of style has for a reason been “my style” every summer for some years now. This time I adopted it for the coffee shop photo shoot because this is me in my everyday life in most of the cases. I chose to have big sunglasses for I think that the sunglasses should always go with ones features and Celine is the best choice when it comes to big dark sunglasses. In this case the sunglasses also fit with the pants design which is again in the `70s style. You definitely need to wear high heels when you are wearing this kind of loose long pants, so I thought of these best sellers Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

Photography: GELJANT Kaleci

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