Chiara Ferragni, the new President and CEO of The Blonde Salad


Yesterday morning, Chiara Ferragni announced through her social media channels that she has made a new decision about her life. The new mom to be is now the CEO of The Blonde Salad, a Company which is estimated around 30 million euros according to an article from L’Economia by Corriere della Sera, together with her other business Chiara Ferragni Collection. The Blonde Salad was founded in 2009 and nowadays it has become a successful business model. Besides being an influencer, designer, entrerpreneur and consultant, Ferragni adds a new accomplishment to her CV, that of being The President and the Chief Executive Officer of TBS Crew srl.

For sure this is a huge step for the top influencer and it strongly raises the importance of women in the business world. Nowadays women empowerment is becoming more and more important, and Chiara is the proof that with hard work and commitment we can all turn one simple dream like the Blonde Salad Blog into a successful business. There is not much to say, but wish Good Luck to Chiara on her new path.


Photo Courtesy of Chiara Ferragni

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