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Chanel Fall/Winter 2018 Collection, Inspired By Nature!


Every year, the show of the Chanel is a surprise for all of us. For the Fall/Winter 2018 collection in Paris, Karl Lagerfeld decided to held the show amidst the nature. He transformed Grand Palais into a verdant forest, complete with a runway blanketed with leaves and a row of trees down the middle of the show space. Karl Lagerfeld proved us again that its so creative!

The collection itself seemed also to be inspired by nature, especially autumn. The longline silhouette with long buttoned coats to opened the show. Chanel Fall/Winter 2018 Collection was all about full-length coats, lacy black dresses and golden boots. It was a harmonious palette of autumn hues, including dark greens, greys and blacks, blended with golden, beige, brown and orange tones. In this collection we also saw skirt suits, that Chanel is well known for. The collection had a younger feel with floral designs.

The Chanel girl with this collection is so elegant, feminine, very powerful and sure, so beautiful!

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