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Chanel Autumn Winter 2018/19 Haute Couture Fashion Show


Just picture for a moment the city you used to live in when you were younger. Picture the places you frequently visited and the atmosphere that surrounded your old neighborhood. Can you turn those images into a collection? But not just a simple one, a haute couture? As crazy as this might sound, it was not that crazy at all after seeing Chanel’s Autumn Winter 2018 Haute Couture Fashion Show.

The Chanel Fall haute couture collection was like the memoir of Karl Lagerfeld when he moved to Paris at 18 years old. Everything that the designer saw in those years: the dirty streets, the old buildings, the colors that surrounded the city, came to life with this collection. Chiffons and Chanel’s typical tweeds were perfectly transformed into long skirts that could be unzipped to the thigh. It was like Karl wanted to save the conservatory atmosphere of those years through the length of the skirt, but still add a touch of futurism with a chance to unzip the skirt and create a more provocative look. Karl wanted to keep Chanel’s heritage, but also give it the chance to be presented in a futuristic way.

Two different worlds collided together in the most beautiful way, especially by taking into consideration the setting of the show. Institut de France’s replica was created to bring back Karl’s memories of the `50s and the designer also managed to give his two godsons a little acting part where both of them were seen acting as booksellers, along with their famous model father, Brad Kroening.

The collection featured long skirts, ball-gown skirts, coats, velvet sweaters, extravagant dresses and conservative ones in shades of grey, black, light purple, blue and white.

Creating a haute couture collection is no easy task, but when it comes to Chanel and especially to Karl Lagerfeld, no one can stop the designer from creating an outstanding union between his fantasies and memories with what Chanel truly represents.


Photos are courtesy of Chanel


By Enxhi Tufina

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