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Celebrities Who Posed for Playboy


For many icons, from Madonna to Naomi Campbell, a Playboy cover is a rite of passage. The photos are visceral, tantalizing, and for many celebrities, incredibly empowering. Marilyn Monroe kicked off the trend in 1953 as the first-ever Playboy cover star, and dozens of icons since have adorned the cover of the magazine, now a byword for unapologetic sexiness. If you forgot about the icon covers from Kim Kardashian, Anna Faris, Brooke Shields, and more, well—we’re here to remind you. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Marilyn Monroe, December 1953


Jayne Mansfield, June 1963


Raquel Welch, December 1979


Steve Martin, January 1980


Bo Derek, March 1980


Kim Basinger, February 1983


Joan Collins, December 1983


Goldie Hawn, January 1985


Madonna, September 1985


Brooke Shields, December 1986


Cindy Crawford, July 1988


La Toya Jackson, March 1989


Sharon Stone, July 1990


Elle Macpherson, May 1994


Pamela Anderson, November 1994


Drew Barrymore, January 1995


Farrah Fawcett, December 1995


Geri Halliwell, May 1998


Charlize Theron, May 1999


Naomi Campbell, December 1999


Dita Von Teese, December 2002


Jaime Pressly, February 2004


Denise Richards, December 2004


Paris Hilton, March 2005


Mariah Carey, March 2007


Kim Kardashian, December 2007


Anna Faris, September 2008


Carmen Electra, January 2009


Olivia Munn, July August 2009


Lindsay Lohan, January February 2012


Kate Moss, February 2014


Azealia Banks, April 2015


Kylie Jenner, September 2019


From Marie Claire US

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