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Over the years, British Vogue has spoken to an array of actresses, models, musicians and other famous faces about their beauty, health and fitness routines and the advice they’ve picked up along the way. Here, we collate what they’ve told British Vogue about their go-to everyday make-up routines, from Kate Winslet and Keira Knightley to Cara Delevingne and Winnie Harlow.


Bella Hadid

“I usually do concealer under the eyes, on my chin and around the nose, and then always a good bronzer and a good brow. That’s my top three for everyday. I love my natural freckles and just keeping a natural look. And I love mascara. What’s so amazing about the Dior Pump’n’Volume Mascara is that it looks like you’re wearing false lashes. And I always use a curler. With or without mascara, you always gotta curl.”



Camila Cabello

“I think that there’s such a difference between the make-up that I wear when I’m not working and the make-up that I wear when I am. So when I have a day off and I am wearing make-up at all, I usually just wear mascara and lip gloss and tinted moisturiser.”


Cara Delevingne

“I like having a really good mascara. You can’t really go wrong with that. I’m just always a fan of the Twiggy mascara eyes. Or just having a really good concealer. It’s all you need. Like a little bit under the eye. It can cover up a lot.”


Christy Turlington-Burns


“On a daily basis, less is more. I really do very little. I’ll do a bit of concealer, or there’s this product Maybelline makes called Instant Age Rewind Eraser – it’s very sheer. I always want to appear I’m not wearing make-up even if I am! Then a bit of Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara and very little else. Maybe a little bit of colour on my cheeks.”



Elle Fanning


“I’ll maybe do a lip, but for every day I use a lot of mascara. And sometimes I’ll do a bit of liner – I like big open eyes, babydoll-ish. L’Oréal Paris’s Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara is so perfect and also it’s in pink packaging. It’s so cute.”



Gal Gadot


“I use the Revlon ColorStay foundation and mix it with a bit of lotion to make it even lighter and more dewy. I mix it in my hands and then apply it on my skin with fingers, so it’s full-coverage but looks like you don’t have anything on. Usually my attitude towards beauty products and make-up is that you need to enhance your features in a graceful and a tasteful way. So too much make-up is not my cup of tea, but I’ll either do colourful lips or strong eyes with eyeliner and mascara.”



Jessica Chastain


“Day to day I don’t wear foundation. Sissy Spacek told me that when I worked with her on The Help. She said, ‘honey with our skin, it’s best not to cover it up, it’s good to see our freckles’. She said she’d never worn foundation except when she was playing a part, and I thought that was really interesting. So day to day I just put some concealer on.”



Karlie Kloss


“I love to have a nice simple liquid liner on the eye – I use a cream liner or pen for a feline flick. I also like a mascara that gets right into the roots, it defines the inner and outer lashes. I will often use a cream blush too, applied with my fingers – if I’m just seeing friends I want to look minimal and effortless. Then if I have a spot I’ll use a little concealer, but that’s all. That’s why I think having good skin is so important – if you have a good base already you don’t need to layer on a bunch of make-up.”




Kate Moss


“For everyday I’ll use a bit of concealer, some mascara and a bit of lipstick. Decorté’s lipsticks are great – I did a lip palette with them actually. It’s more subtle rather than real ‘lipstick’ lipstick, you just pat it on. And Clinique does a really good mascara, it’s an oldie but a goodie. If I’m going out I’ll use eyeliner, usually brown, and smudge it. I normally use my fingers, but I do love brushes too.”



Kate Winslet


“I wear minimal five-minute make-up. A quick, all-over, thinnest-of-thin-layers of foundation. I always curl my eyelashes out of habit more than anything, (can’t go wrong with Shu Uemura curlers). But no mascara in the daytime. Got to preserve the dwindling lashes. And a bit of lip balm. I’ve been pretty addicted to By Terry’s Baume de Rose for as long as I can remember.”



Keira Knightley


“In the mornings I use a moisturiser and then just concealer, never a foundation. I like to see skin through make-up, so I think less is always more. I put some light eyeshadow on (just with my finger) to make my eyes look like they are much more open and awake. Then I put just a tiny bit of a tinted balm – something that picks up my natural lip colour – on the middle of my lips.”



Margot Robbie

“For everyday I use either Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser or Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation mixed in with some moisturiser. Patti Dubroff taught me that on your bottom lashes you should use eyelash tint rather than mascara so I’ll do that if I’m out for dinner with friends or whatever. And I’ll always brush my brows, sometimes I use pencil too. Then it’s just mascara and a bit of cream blush. For a little lip colour I’ll just use the tinted lip balms by Burt’s Bees.”


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


“I use a little bit of concealer on areas I need – any zits or imperfections – then I basically use BareMinerals Original Foundation all over. It’s so easy to use, you’re done in a couple of seconds. From there I love to use a cream blush or bronze. I love a red lip for the evening and for the daytime something that’s close to my natural lip colour.”



Saoirse Ronan


“The only bit of make-up I use every day is concealer, under my eyes. I use By Terry, the stick one. That’s really good. I might wear a tiny bit of Chanel foundation – Perfection Lumière Velvet – because I get really oily skin. And then if I’m feeling foxy, red lipstick.”



Winnie Harlow


“If I’m running around or just hanging out at home then I barely wear any make-up. For a quick and simple look, I usually do my eyebrows and put on a little bit of concealer, maybe if I feel like it some mascara.”



Zoë Kravitz


“I use Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat under the eyes and around the nose and cover any pimples. Then YSL Couture Brow on the eyebrows. I like to give a little more definition and also I like them to be brushed a little wild. I feel naked now if I don’t wear something on my brows. Then I put Glow Shot on the cheeks and on the bridge of the nose. I’ll usually also add a little bit of blush or something, but that’s my minimum for daily life. I like a dewy look.”


From British Vogue


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