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Celebrating with Moët and Chandon


Besides considering myself a wild spirit, which I express through what I wear and the type of music I listen to, I can’t leave my other true self: being classy and having an admiration for everything that this word stands for.
You can’t simply deny the beauty of the things that have stood through the test of time. Modernization is ruling, but there is still a vintage vibe circulating, which is embraced by many people that consider class and glamour as the true values of society.

When speaking of class and glamour, Moët and Chandon is the very definition of it. Being one of the representatives of Moët and Chandon, has been quite a privilege to me.
The fact that even several years later Moët and Chandon has been sharing magic with the world, urged me to think of making something special, with a unique classical vibe. This photoshoot is very important to me and I wanted to highlight the true significance of elegance and glamour, which is what Moët stands for.


Dresses by Tarik Ediz


Dress by Alessandra Rich


Photography by Endrit Mertiri


During 2018, I had the opportunity to be part of many experiences with Moët, including the experience in Roland Garros, going to Moët’s cellar where champagne is produced and a special trip to Mykonos, Greece. Seeing closely how the champagne is produced is something I will never forget, and I will always consider it an incredible experience. That’s when I understood the values and quality of the Moët champagne, which has been my favorite for a long time, and there is no better way of doing it, than enjoying the moment with Moët #moetmoment.

Another beautiful experience was traveling to Mykonos with #moetsociety. We had the opportunity to taste champagne while we were served with so many simple dishes, as an old boat was taking us in wonderful locations.

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