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Lettuce and water. Now there’s a combo we never thought we’d hear. The combo has circled the internet as of late (to say the least) with viral TikTok videos of people steeping their leaves in water. Some even got crafty, making the potent mixture and combining it with a peppermint tea. We put this to the test, but with the Olyxir strips from our shop, for five nights.

We will say that after about 45 minutes the drowsiness kicks in. As far as taste goes, the idea of combining the lettuce water with tea helps a lot. Without the tea strip the flavor is intense (add two strips instead of one). Overall, if you’re having trouble sleeping and melatonin or valerian root aren’t doing the trick, then try this new hack that has swept the internet! You will be pleasantly surprised with your sleep.


Drinking this will not only improve your sleep but also improves your body’s overall hydration because lettuce itself is 95% water.


Packed with Vitamin A, lettuce goes head-to-head with carrots when it comes to veggies that aid vision.


Poosh and the internet have put it to the test. Lettuce water will put you to sleep.

Vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron, just to name a few.


It also has vitamin K properties, which allow for bone strength. Consuming this vitamin helps prevent bone breaks.

When you decide to wind down for the night tonight, if you have lettuce in your fridge, try this theory out. It’s important to have nightly rituals, especially ones that promote sleep health.


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