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Bye, Bye Ballerina Shoes! It’s Sneakers Time!


We have seen it in the latest fashion shows and in the queens of street style outfits everyday: flats or ballerinas have given way to  sneakers, the must-have of our wardrobes for this season. This is good news for the sneaker lovers. Footwear is no exception, as women are kicking off their ballet flats in favor to comfy trainers and sneakers. For the past few years flats in general have been much more popular among women – they’ve been on the catwalk, on the street style, but sneakers are going to be the next thing that we want to wear.

Sneakers (like:Dad Sneakers, velcro, glitter and logo sneakers) are making a big comeback and fashionistas all over the world are finding ways to incorporate that look. For example, supermodels Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner are doing it.

Sneakers are probably some of the most comfortable footwear options around, and in 2018 people are going to go for comfort, along with style. Summer 2018 shoe trends include sneakers in an array of colors and prints.
To cut it short, enough with flats or ballerinas. It’s sneaker’s time and to our good luck they go with everything.

Take a look down to be more inspired:




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