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Buy a Ticket and Fall In Love With South of Italy…


Wondering where to go and where is your next destination? Add South of Italy to your Bucket List, because this country can offer you wonderful places to visit and new experiences. The South of Italy is known in Italian as the ‘Mezzogiorno’ or ‘Midday’ region and has some of the oldest and most important historical towns in Italy as well as some of the most epic beaches. Boasting stunning views, impressive cathedrals, and jaw-dropping settings, these Italian towns are sure to awe you.

History and local culture. What a combination!!



Santa Maria di Leuca


This city is one of the most favorite destinations for all the Italians and the foreigners who want to spend special holidays in a fabulous sea, on dreamy beaches, in a sun-drenched land. There are lots of interesting things to see in Santa Maria di Leuca. The town is rich in history, culture and natural beauties and it’s quite impossible to resist its charm. Many buildings of the town take you back in time: Greek period, Roman period, Middle Ages, birth of Christianity…


Tre Porte Caves, it’s worth visiting! Great experience…



Where to stay:

Il Pappagallo

 Il Pappagallo is 10 minutes’ walk from Santa Maria di Leuca town centre. It is peaceful with stunning views.





This city is a must-see destination. Calabria, in antiquity known as Bruttium, is a region in southern Italy, south of Naples, located at the “toe” of the Italian peninsula. Calabria is best known for its sprawling beaches along the Tyrrhenian Sea on the west coast and the Ionian Sea on the east coast, and their dramatic cliffs, coves, and surreal rock formations.


Where to stay:

Donnaciccina is one of the nicest places we’ve had the pleasure of staying at. Great location in the middle of the historic district.





Tropea has that lovely timeless, faded feel that is a characteristic of sleepy southern Italian seaside towns. The views are endless and stunning.






In the south-west corner of Puglia lies the old island town of Gallipoli. One thing has remained true throughout the changes; Gallipoli still more than lives up to the provenance of its name, ‘beautiful city’ in Greek. The city is divided into two parts, an old town, and a new town. The old town, the historic center, is located on an island, which is connected to the new city by a 16th-century bridge.




The Castello Angioino di Gallipoli

The Castello Angioino di Gallipoli dates back to the 13th century and is the most famous landmark in town. Created to ward off foreign attacks, it is now a tourist attraction and cultural centre.



Samsara Beach

Samsara Beach is one of the main place where to be in Gallipoli. If you like the Mediterranean water it is the perfect location to visit, one of the few places with a crystal water to swim as if you in an aquarium. It is a party beach and the centerpiece of the biggest parties and summer concerts of famous Italian artists.



Where to stay:

Ancient Gallipoli

This is one of the most relaxing spots in the city with views of the Ionian Sea. What better way to enjoy the beach than relaxing on the balcony, perhaps with some antipasti on the table and a glass of wine in your hand!

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