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Books That Have Inspired Me


Some books can change your life forever. They can expand your mind, inspire and motivate you, but they can also change the world around your and most of all, they can change the way you perceive things. They also have the power to give important life messages and bring you to other dimensions.

I have also had the opportunity to read some of these life changing books that have had a powerful impact on me and I have to give them credit for what I am and the way I understand life. By means of this article I wish to share and suggest some of my favorite books, those that have inspired me all along.



An American Tragedy – Theodore Dreiser

It was my father who first recommended this book to me. In a way, he “forced” me to read it in order to pave my way to the world of reading. I was in seventh grade when I first read an adult book and as my father said, this book marked me and pushed me to read more. I also loved An American Tragedy for the way Dreiser portrayed the society, its value and ambitions.


The “Genius” – Theodore Dreiser

Dreiser would by no means dominate my reading as well as my life. The “Genius” is another one of his titles I can recommend, because it has influenced me all the way. It is about love and passion, it urges you to fight to make your dreams come true, but it also changes you in many ways.


Three Comrades (German: Drei Kameraden) – Erich Maria Remarque

I would recommend this book to everyone, always. It is absolutely one of my favorites. It portrays true friendship and the foundations on which it is built. Although we live in the “digital age”, technology is changing the way we live and we are surrounded by virtual friendships where true friendship is losing its values, I think that this book will be an inspiration to many, reminding them how hard it is to keep a true friendship alive.


Arch of Triumph (German: Arc de Triomphe) – Erich Maria Remarque

Also one of my favorites, as well as the writer himself. Joan and Ravic’s love story is definitely one of the most beautiful in the world of literature. Drama for the lost love is so gripping in this novel. It makes you feel the sound of the life clock ticking, but also the pain for the lost love. Remarque is a master of portraying and examining the spirit, so much that you get lost in the lines and feel Ravic’s pain as he sees Joan kissing another man. Definitely one of the best books I have ever read.


One Hundred Years of Solitude (Cien anos de soledad) Gabriel Garcia Marquez

I would recommend this book to all those people who love deep imagination and wish to travel to their dream world. Also I would recommend them Isabel Allende’s books, especially The Island beneath the Sea (La isla bajo el mar). One Hundred Years of Solitude is the best representative of The Magic Realism. It is a very powerful book on solitude and the whole novel is about the complexity of time, nostalgia and never ending hope on winning the person you love. One of my favorite quotes from this book is:

“I would not have traded the delights of my suffering for anything in the world.”


The Island beneath the Sea (La isla bajo el mar) – Isabel Allende

Oh, I love this book! I love it for the way it puts emphases in the importance of freedom and dignity. A novel about love, but also about slavery, the truth and the real significance of freedom. It gets you from the first pages and I would recommend it especially to those who are into good fiction intertwined with true facts that make the whole a masterpiece. The Island beneath the Sea is a book that makes you reflect and not talk bullshit, but only get into important topics for conversation.


Stefan Zweig’s novellas

Zweig’s novellas have always attracted me due to the way he explores the inner spirit, analyses the human characters and also for his effective style. I love the way he reflects on emotions and feelings. Zweig is so into writing about love and I think that no other writer could be as good as him when it comes to love and the power of passion. Whenever I used to read one of his novellas, I was always writing down all his wonderful love quotes in my notebook.


Pablo Neruda’s poetry

I am also very fond of poetry and Pablo Neruda is my favorite poet. I never get tired of reading his verses again and again; on the contrary, I always find them so very inspiring. Love, rage, suffering, solitude and society are the main motives in Neruda’s poetry. Each and every one of them makes you shiver with excitement.


The Alchemist (Portuguese: O Alquimista) – Paulo Coelho

I only read this book last year and I was so inspired by it that I would suggest it to everyone, because I consider it a life changing book. Every single sentence bears an important significance and I think that’s what has made it one of the most successful books worldwide. “The Alchemist” is in a way fragile, but it makes you fight for your dreams and follow your heart.


Chanel, una vita da favola – Alfonso Signorini

The book and the story marked me. It portrays a woman earning for freedom and independence in a very dramatic time. The villager seamstress was also a strong woman of undisputable talent and passion who dared to make history in the fashion industry. She was a revolutionary woman and a fashion genius. Her book impressed me and motivated me to make my dreams come true.


The Museum of Innocence – Orhan Pamuk
I have already read several books from Orhan Pamuk, but this one stands out due to its powerful, yet impossible love story. I loved the way Kemal adored Fusun. This book got me into real thinking and into a dreaming world. A museum, a dedication to love and a dedication to Istanbul, a novel that makes you lose your mind to it. I would strongly recommend it to all girls.

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