Beyonce and Blue Ivy appear in Family Feud music video by Jay Z


It is not a rare thing anymore watching Blue Ivy as she appears on her mother’s music videos. This time “Family Feud” by Jay Z, features both Beyonce and Blue Ivy. The teaser which is featured on Tidal shows all three of them in a church. Just after its publication, there have been speculations that Family Feud gives light to those rumors of Jay Z cheating Beyonce. Could that be true?

The first speculations began after Beyonce launched her new music video, Lemonade, while now with Family Feud, it looks like we are seeing a different aspect of the story. The story begins with Jay Z and Blue Ivy walking towards the aisle of a church and the scene immediately changes and it shows a couple kissing before the woman stabs the man.

The scene changes with Beyonce standing on the podium and Jay Z walking around the church. Later, the rapper sits in a confession booth, while Beyonce is on the other side listening to his confession. Besides the narrative of the music video, we cannot stop but admire Beyonce’s style in this video, which is totally amazing. The song is part of Jay Z’s 4:44 album and fans will have the opportunity to watch the entire clip pretty soon. Maybe we will get the total version of the story from Jay Z’s point of view.


All photos are part of Jay Z’s music video, Family Feud


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