Beyoncé​ and Jay-Z Might Just Be the Richest Celeb Couple Ever


This probably won’t come as much of a shock to you, but Beyoncé and Jay-Z are very rich. Like, “I swim around in literal pools of money” rich. See? SEE?!

But have you ever taken a moment to daydream about just how much money Bey and Jay have in their (probably offshore, LOL, JK) bank accounts? Let’s break down where all their dough comes from.

Album and Single Sales

Beyoncé is the big winner when it comes to single sales, having (so far!) brought home $26 million in digital singles, while her husband has earned “just” $23 million. Aw. But Jay-Z trumps Bey when it comes to album sales: he’s made an impressive $27.5 million, while Beyoncé has “only” made $13 million.

If you’re surprised to learn that Jay’s album sales exceed Bey’s, consider the fact that his biggest hits came out well before digital streaming was really a *thing*—meaning it was more common for people to buy full albums. (Remember the days of browsing CDs at the mall?!) But that’s just a theory. Either way, let’s all take a moment to get in formation.

P.S. We also can’t forget about the money Beyoncé made from her time as part of Destiny’s Child! Sure, she was splitting earnings with Kelly and Michelle, but it’s still fair to assume she made a lot of $$.


Bey and Jay are currently deep into their On the Run II tour, which Billboardprojects will make $200 million. Their first (much shorter) On the Run tour reportedly earned $5 million per show, grossing a total of $95 million. Jay’s 2017 4:44 tour grossed $48.7 million, and Beyoncé had the highest-grossing tour of 2016, earning $256 million. Like…HOW DOES THAT MUCH MONEY EVEN EXIST ON PLANET EARTH? BRB, taking a moment to fan myself.

Fun fact: Beyoncé reportedly made more than $3 million for her appearance at Coachella 2018. Her set lasted 105 minutes. By my calculations, that means she earned $28,571.43 per minute!


Remember when Beyoncé and her mom Tina Knowles started House of Deréon? Well, sadly that stylish venture is no more, but Bey’s fashion bug rose from the ashes like a Phoenix and gifted the world Ivy Park! Her debut collection nearly sold outthe second it hit Topshop, so Beyoncé undoubtedly took home a hefty profit. And speaking of profits, lest you forget she also launched her own perfume line back in the day. As of 2013, she’d sold $400 million worth of fragrance. (Wouldn’t you pay serious $$ to smell like Beyoncé?)


These days, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are kiiiinda too cool for your basic celebrity #spon (the moment I see Beyoncé use an #ad hashtag is the moment I give up), but Bey still has plenty of endorsements under her belt. She’s worked with brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Armani, but of course, nothing beats her $50 million deal with Pepsi, which she inked in 2012.

Beyoncé’s Movies

Beyoncé isn’t really acting these days (wait, scratch that, she’s definitely going to win an Oscar for playing Nala in the upcoming Lion King live-action movie), but over the years she has been in a handful of movies, most of which were made by studios that don’t disclose salary information. Based on reports that Jamie Foxx’s salary for Dreamgirls was in the multi-millions, we can expect that Beyoncé made a boatload of money, too. Though, there is that little thing called ~the wage gap~ to consider…

Tidal & Roc Nation

Jay-Z bought Tidal for $56 million, and Forbes reports that it’s now worth $600 million. So yeah, he earned a LOT from that particular investment. Oh, and Bey also owns part of Tidal, and ingeniously made Lemonade exclusively available on the platform, prompting people like yours truly to sign up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

All of Jay-Z’s Random Projects

1. In addition to Tidal, Jay-Z runs Roc Nation and Roc Nation Sports. Oh, and we can’t forget his clothing company Rocawear, which raked in $700 million before he sold it for $204 million. (Also, this is a Jay-centric section, but it should be noted that Bey still runs management company Parkwood Entertainment!)

2. He owns a restaurant chain called the 40/40 club, which hahaha, okay.

3. He owns a fancy champagne called Armand de Brignac. Bottom’s up!

Bey and Jay’s Total Net Worth

Okay, so Beyonce’s total net worth is $355 million and Jay-Z’s is $900 million, making their combined net worth over $1 BILLION.

Allow me to write that again in a bigger font:


From: Cosmopolitan

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