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Best Swimwear For Your Body Type


As much as we love clothes and wish to wear every beautiful piece that catches our attention, we should consider dressing according to our body shapes. Somehow with clothes the situation is simple, especially in winter we can experiment with our style and still look perfect, but things become a bit difficult when it comes to wearing a swimming suit or bikini. With thousands and thousands of models we are left with the dilemma of which style is the most appropriate to us. To make things easy for you, The Rebel Heart will show you which styles you should shop according to your body type.

Big bust

If you have a big bust you should look for suits that match your regular bra size. Always look for bra-style tops that have an underwire, because it is the only thing that can keep your boobs in place. Also look for thicker bathing suit straps and full cups with a deep V neck and your bust will look flawless.


Small bust

If you have a small bust, go for bathing suits that require less coverage. If you have an athletic body, triangle-shape tops are always perfect and you can even get push-up tops. With a small bust you can also wear bandeaus without hesitation.


Pear shape

Smaller on top and curvy at the hips and thighs always reminds us of Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. The secret to looking perfect if you have a pear shape body is at the coverage of the bottom part of your body. If you want to create a balance opt for a halter neck bikini top, because it gives the illusion that you have wider shoulders. If you want to add coverage to your hips do not opt for a thick banded bottom or boy shorts, because that will not make you look good. Skirted bottoms are always a good choice. But if you like to show a little bit of your booty, well Brazilian bikini bottoms are always perfect.


Flat booty

If you have a flat booty, forget about bikini bottoms that create a full coverage. Always opt for bikini bottoms that show a little cheek and come in bright colors. Bright colors somehow create a distraction and your flat booty won’t be that notable.


Apple shape

If you have an apple shape body, focus on your legs to create the illusion that you have tall legs and high-cut bikini bottoms are always the right choice. With your body shape you might also like to hide your tummy so a high-waist suit can come in handy.



Here is the thing sweetheart; if you have curvy body never try to hide it. You should highlight your curves with full confidence. Asymmetrical bathing suits are a very good choice, because it can highlight many features of your body. Also, one-piece swimming suits can come in handy, especially if you choose a deep V-neck one or a high-cut one.


By Enxhi Tufina


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