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When it comes to planning Christmas holidays, we sometimes think it’s this easy: choose your perfect location, book the tickets and stay at a wonderful hotel. But, the situation can get more complicated when you are not visiting Wien or Paris, but you are headed to skiing in the mountains. Skiing… that is when stuff can get really bad, especially if you are a fashion enthusiast, because you do not know what to wear.

You want to keep warm, but look fabulous at the same time. And you are wondering: “How on earth am I going to achieve that?”

First things first, you need a skiing jacket, because it is a must and it will keep you warm throughout the day. Each year, fashion brands introduce their own version of the skiing jacket, which comes in different shapes and colors.

Erin Snow










Moncler Grenoble




Perfect Moment


The North Face


Besides the skiing jacket, you should definitely get all-in-one ski suits, and you will totally make some heads turn to check on you.

Check below our selection of all-in-one ski suits to ease your search.







Moncler Grenoble


P.E Nation


Perfect Moment


Poivre Blanc


Sweaty Betty




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