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Best Moisturizers with SPF for Summer


If there is one product that should never be missing from your beauty routine, it is the SPF moisturizer. Before, there used to be a mix between the moisturizer and the sunscreen. In order to protect our skin we had to mix the two products but sometimes that was not useful. Now almost every moisturizer has got SPF protection starting from SPF 15, but with summer knocking on the door, we all need to be paying more attention to how we can protect ourselves from the sun’s damaging rays. It is time to opt for moisturizers, foundations or BB creams with SPF higher than 15.

SPF moisturizer is crucial, because not only it nourishes and hydrates the skin, but it also protects it from UV rays. We often forget about the damages that the sun can cause to our skin. Young ages are more likely to not pay much attention to this matter, but there will come a day when the consequences of not wearing SPF will be quite visible. UV rays can cause premature skin aging, which is a wildly spread phenomenon. But we can avoid it if we stay out of the sun, especially when we head to the pool or gym. We are fully aware that you want to get tanned, but even if you are applying a SPF protection and wearing a hat, your face will get a bit of tan, because in a certain way the sun will find its way no matter the barriers you put. But besides this fact, you should never leave your house without applying a SPF moisturizer.

Scroll down to have a look at our favorite SPF moisturizers that will come in handy.

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