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Best Mascaras of All Time


Ever since we were little girls, watching our moms applying mascara, was a fascinating process, because the lashes would change in an instant. We wished we could look like them and we started making a total mess trying to make our lashes bold, or trying to apply lipstick, which most of the time was out of the lip line.

Soon, applying makeup became an obsession and as we grew up, we started searching for the right products. One of the most important makeup products is the mascara, but as much as we try getting the best mascara to give us the perfect lashes, there are a lot of differences on the way the mascara looks on different women. Those who have long natural lashes are lucky, because they can opt for any mascara and they will always look good.

Nowadays, you have lots of options and choices to make because there are thousands of mascaras that will make your lashes voluminous and quite bold and you can buy them at a cheaper price or you can spend a lot of money only to get one. It all depends on your choice.

The benefit of trying different mascaras is that at a certain time of your life, you realize that you can distinguish which mascara is perfect for you, because you can tell from the shape of the brush and its functions, like volume, length and curl.

As much as you try, your makeup will never be completed without the mascara. For such reason, we have rounded up for you the best mascaras of all time.


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By Enxhi Tufina

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