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As soon as we hear the words face mist, a water spray that refreshes the skin comes to our mind. When you first think about it, you wonder if it is even worth having it as a product. But, face mists have many benefits, especially during summer, because they help your skin get through the hot days.

Face mist refreshes skin

The first benefit and the first function of a face mist is the fact that it refreshes your skin, especially in a hot day. You can also use it after your yoga session and throughout the day when you will be spending hours at University, or in the office.

Controls oil on your skin

There are moments when you notice that your skin becomes so oily throughout the day. If you are at home you can start taking care of this issue, but if it happens at work, during a lesson, or on holidays, a face mist is the one that can help you. There are many mists made especially for this and they can control the excess oil.

Moisturizes skin

Apart from face creams, face masks and face serums that hydrate your skin, a face mist is also a product that can provide such beneficial effects to your skin. You might wonder why not use a moisturizing cream instead of a mist?

A face mist can come with you anywhere you go and you can spray it on your face even if you have makeup on, without messing the latter. We suggest not using it frequently throughout the day, because it can make your skin even drier.

Works as a primer

You can use the mist before applying makeup, because it works as a primer too. The face will be ready for you to apply makeup quite easily, because your skin will be already hydrated. You can also use it after you have finished the entire makeup process and only a spray will make sure that your foundation stays in place the entire day.

So, you will not only refresh your skin during the hot days, but you will also provide it with other benefits that come with a face mist. Here are the best face mists.

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By Enxhi Tufina

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