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Best Break Up Movies to Help You Get Over Your Ex


Every romantic relationship will go one of two ways: You’ll either be together forever or you’ll break up… and option number two obviously happens way more often than option number one. Breakups are a part of life, but that doesn’t mean they don’t totally suck—whether or not you know it needed to happen.

But getting over it right away isn’t always easy, and taking the time to heal is important in the process of moving on. And honestly, part of that healing time should include staying in, wearing PJs, and eating a lot of snacks—and watching movies to empower you to get over that breakup will help.

Ready to become your best single self? These movies should help.


Someone Great

This Netflix original—which stars Brittany Snow, Gina Rodriguez, and DeWanda Wise—is about a woman who has to restart her life after her longtime boyfriend breaks up with her. If you’re looking for something to empower and inspire you, this is absolutely it.


He’s Just Not That Into You

This movie tells the story of a lot of different types of relationships… and how to know when it’s the right time to move on, which is probably something you’re identifying with right now. It’s also packed with actually useful advice when you decide to get back into the dating world (though not all of it is great—use your judgment!)


Mamma Mia!

Looking for something to cheer you up? Nothing’s gonna do it quite like Mamma Mia! will. And after going through a breakup, you’re going to want to take a few pages out of Donna’s book. Her approach to relationships—and saying goodbye—is chef’s kiss.


Marriage Story

If you haven’t already seen Marriage Story, you’ve definitely seen the memes of Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson as their characters’ marriage officially bites the dust. This one is about two people who were in love but ultimately couldn’t make it work — and how difficult divorce can be, even though it can lead to a much happier life for everyone involved.


Runaway Bride

In Runaway Bride, Julia Roberts has attempted to get married plenty of times, but none of them have stuck — if anyone knows about breakups, it’s this lady, who never makes it down the aisle. But the movie’s hopeful ending is just inspiring enough to remind us that the right person is out there, even when it feels like they’re not.


The First Wives Club

Diane Keaton, Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn create the “First Wives Club” to get back at their lousy cheating ex-husbands. And it is movie gold! Casting legends aside, this movie has everything you need for those shady Insta captions for post-breakup posts and, honestly, is a needed reminder that relationships can be messy at every age.


500 Days of Summer

Yes, watching this movie may sting a little, since it is about a bad relationship that potentially hits too close to home. But it will help you realize that you can’t force someone to love you. Cue the “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but…” memes.


The Break Up

An obvious choice, but you have to watch this if you lived with your now-ex so you can be grateful that one of you left your shared home instead of doing everything and anything to try to get the other person to bounce. Civility is underrated!


Eat Pray Love

Even if *you* can’t heal from your breakup by traveling the world and falling madly in love with pizza, you can at least watch Julia Roberts do it, which is almost as good! Plus, it’s all great inspo for when you do feel like going on a lavish vacay–it’s ok if that isn’t right now.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

As much as you may want to erase all memory of your ex, let this movie prove how bad of an idea that is. No matter what happened, they might be at least some good memories that you can cherish someday once the hurt passes, and this film shows that there shouldn’t be regret in remembering just how much a person meant to you at a time in your life.


La La Land

If you’re more in a musical mood, La La Land‘s got you. It’s lush, it’s flirty, it’s sad as heck by the end, and it makes you realize how all relationships help us grow and become who we want to be–even if they’re not meant to last forever.


The Wedding Singer

Robbie (Adam Sandler) goes through a bad breakup and falls in love with Julia (Drew Barrymore), who is engaged to be the future Mrs. Julia Gulia. You can probs predict how this rom-com will end, and it’ll make you realize that there’s ALWAYS love to be found even after the worst heartbreak.


Crazy, Stupid, Love

This movie is like The Oprah Winfrey Show of film. Everyone gets a breakup! No but seriously, Crazy, Stupid, Love has so many wonderful twists and turns, and some delightful Ryan Gosling shirtless scenes. Perhaps the biggest plot twist of this movie? The fact that “wait, is Steve Carell hot?” is a thought that might pass through your mind each time you watch.


Under The Tuscan Sun

Diane Lane gets her groove back in the Italian countryside with a broken-ass house and a fine-ass man. This is not so wrong. It is, in fact, very right. Plus, Diane Lane makes everything better and this is no exception. If I could send you an actual hug from Diane Lane right now, your breakup blues would be cured. Consider this a second best.


Bridget Jones’s Diary

Bridget Jones is the human embodiment of a breakup, so this movie will either comfort you or make you cry forever. Two things you’re gonna need during a breakup: your box of Tesco (or, uh, tub of Ben & Jerry’s, if you’re here in the States!) and your Whitney Houston. Grab ’em and get to mourning.


My Best Friend’s Wedding

Julia Roberts is a total monster in this movie, and it is magnificent to live vicariously through her. Every time you want to do something stupid to your ex, just watch this movie instead. Oh, and while you’re at it, block all his shit on your phone. Do it. Do it right now. Good job! Now go watch My Best Friend’s Wedding again!


Legally Blonde

Elle Woods gets dumped and then becomes legally blonde. You do not need any further inspiration. She is your new everything. You are her, and she is you. Become Elle Woods. Become her.



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