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If you were to ask us whether to use body cream or body oil during summer, we would immediately suggest body oil. Not that we have anything against body creams, but when it comes to really taking good care of your skin, you should be aware of the fact that a body cream contains more chemicals than a body oil. In recent years, body oils have become so popular and we are thankful to the brands that are not creating more of those greasy sticky formulas, which would make our days miserable when applied on our clothes, because of the oil marks.

Body oils are perfect in all seasons, because they make sure to completely nourish our skin and the moisture stays longer in it. Such thing doesn’t happen for some body creams. As specified, body oils seal the moisture in our skin, without letting it evaporate. By doing so, our skin is nourished and moisturized for hours. Thus, this product should be our top choice. But the key to good nourishment is on the way the oil is applied. For those who do not know, the oil can be absorbed better when the skin is a bit damp. So, when you finish your shower, do not dry immediately with a towel, but apply a body oil while the droplets are still on your skin and massage it with your hands.

If you are not sure which body oil is perfect for you, we would recommend getting the one with fewer ingredients. If you see a product with dozens of ingredients and you do not know their meaning, it is better to let it go. Better buy a product that contains a few understandable ingredients. Also, opt for those products that contain ingredients like coconut, jojoba, or grape seed oil.

To help you on your choice, we have chosen some body oils that are perfect, because they will give your skin the desired moisture and nourishment.


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By Enxhi Tufina

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