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BEAUTY TIPS From the ’50s Compared to now

Later today, Kourt and the Poosh team are hosting our annual wellness event, Poolside With Poosh. The vibe: an Old Hollywood-inspired oasis, replete with modern renditions of classic 1950s pastimes, pampering, and partying. In honor of the event, we’re sharing five beauty tips from the ’50s and how they compare to now. Keep scrolling to get the details, and be sure to tune into our IGS for a behind-the-scenes look at Poolside With Poosh.

1. On hair brushing

’50s tip: Brush your hair at least 100 strokes per day.

Modern tip: Defs don’t do that. Brush your hair way less—only while styling it or detangling, and be sure to be gentle. Brushing too much can damage hair and lead to breakage and split ends.

2. On lipstick

’50s tip: Overline your lips to make them look larger or more symmetrical.

Modern tip: Yep, we still love this tip today. While red shades were popular in the ’50s, nude colors tend to be what we gravitate toward today.

3. On blush

’50s tip: Apply blush high on your cheeks, going no lower than the tip of your nose.

Modern tip: There was a phase where we applied blush to the apples of our cheeks, but now it’s all about applying it high on the cheeks.

4. On eyebrows

’50s tip: Use a brow pencil to create tapered brows with a dramatic arch.

Modern tip: Use a brow pencil—or powder or gel, etc.—to create full, defined, fluffy brows.

5. On at-home facials

’50s tip: “A facial helps you start the week with a bright outlook,” and this ’50s beauty schedule recommends doing an at-home mask on Mondays.

Modern tip: One of the only tips on that beauty schedule we agree with—we’re all for masking once a week! (Though we typically choose a self-care Sunday.)


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