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Beauty Moments from the Grammys 2018


Someone pinch me, because I loved every moment from the Grammys. There is no doubt that the event is so special, because celebrities, especially women, love to experiment with their look and bring something different onto the Red Carpet. Being random is something that has disappeared at the Grammys. Sometimes I believe that a woman’s look is more based on the mood she is feeling that day. Whether she wants to grab everybody’s attention with her outrageous look, or she is trying to set a trend, like Hailee Steinfeld did with her choice of blue eyeshadow and Rihanna with her choice of having big curls. For sure we will see lots of colors and curly hair this year. Getting back to the event, this year I was actually expecting something totally crazy from Lady Gaga, but she kept a low profile, though her hairstyle was something you wished to try on you, if you have enough hair of course, or hair extensions would just do the trick. There are 4 women I would like to distinguish in this event:

  • Beyonce. The singer totally rocked her look by showing up with a pair of dark sunglasses and a deep purple color applied on the lips. I could not stop but admiring her earrings and it made me think how on earth she succeeded keeping them during the event. Well, there is nothing Queen B cannot do!
  • Rihanna. I actually missed watching Rihanna on the red carpet and also performing in an event, especially when it is that huge. For sure she used beauty products from Fenty Beauty and it made me dig on the internet to find out the exact products. Her look was so fresh and so tropical, so Summer I can’t wait for you to create Rihanna’s Grammy look.
  • Hailee Steinfeld. The choice of a blue eyeshadow and wavy hair was just perfect. She looked dazzling while walking the red carpet and I read so many articles referring to her look.
  • Lana Del Rey. She totally looked like an angel as she stepped onto the red carpet. I totally agree with the choice of wearing a halo. That made me think that tiaras are so overrated and we should opt for an halo.

Have a look at some beauty looks I really enjoyed watching at the Grammys.

Bebe Rexha






Camilla Cabeo



Chrissy Teigen






Hailee Steinfeld



Janelle Monae



Lady Gaga



Lana Del Rey






Rita Ora





Photos are courtesy of Getty Images

Written by: Enxhi Tufina

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