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Beauty Icons Who Inspire Me


My love for fashion started way back, a love which later grew into me. I can say that’s a pride to the 40’,50’ and 60’ icons, that I loved since the first time I saw them. I find myself in those women every time I go back on those years and get excited while wishing I could have lived in their time and wishing I was them because they were the real women.

They made history with their beauty, but not just that. I was always curious of the history in their beauty. They’ve always inspired me to get the best out of the fashion world.  Some beauty looks are so classic and iconic that they are able to transcend decades and inspire generations to come.

I am speaking of the beauty icons that have created and recreated an entire empire with their sleek and beauty. They didn’t just amaze people with their charm, but they also left their mark in the fashion world. Today I’ve decided to share with you my favorite beauties’ that have inspired me this whole time in fashion and outfits.

Marilyn Monroe  

Marilyn Monroe is my first “crush”, and it might also be because we’re both Gemini. Marilyn wasn’t the prettiest or the smartest woman ever lived, but she has been the meaning of coquette and playful, easily considered as a child and I also find myself in these characteristics. I adore her in every possible way: her acting talent, the fact that she has left her mark in the movie industry, her strength and self-esteem, but most of all for her lifestyle and especially her style which has always been an inspiration.


Marilyn was always seen in curvy clothes and I am so in love with them due to the fact that I always think that the waist should be emphasized more in an outfit since it shows elegance and grace.

Marilyn’s asymmetrical dresses are also among my favorites and I prefer to buy dresses in that style at Vivienne Westwood and Rick Owens.

I have to admit that Marilyn also inspired my love for the off shoulder dresses.



Her iconic bathing suits, especially the pin up ones inspired me in a quite different way: I made a photo shoot focused on that style to honor my favorite fashion icon.



Grace Kelly

The word class was born out by Grace Kelly. She wowed the public with her elegant sense of style that defined the glamorous 1950s. Her sense of style was flawless and she was, and remains, the ultimate style icon Grace was always an inspiration as well. What I most love about her is her wedding dress.


I think that after the age of thirty my style will be quite like that of Grace Kelly: classy, meaning below the knee skirts, puffy shirts and classic dresses.

Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese is one of my favorite fashion icons. She is a modern pinup and she lives like one. Dita ended up being the style icon for lady-like qualities: she’s feminine, smart, beautiful and sensual. This burlesque superstar is bringing an old Hollywood sense of style to the spotlight. I was only eighteen when I first saw her. It was the time when I was so into the pin up style and fell in love with the `50s and the `60s.

New beauty Icons

Even nowadays we can find many beautiful and stylish women around, women that are somehow turning into style and beauty icons and will definitely leave their mark in the fashion world.


Olivia Palermo

I choose not to be so classy in everyday life and that’s why I can also find myself at Olivia Palermo and especially when she wears dresses with ankle boots, which is so boho chic style.



Kourtney Kardashian

As of recently, I have also started to like Kourtney Kardashian due to her choice about high waist pants, retro sunnies of the `50s etc. While looking at Kourtney’s style, I notice that she loves Dolce&Gabbana. I can say that she is now close to my taste in outfits.



Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s style is so simple and classy at the same time. She can absolutely be defined as one of the most elegant women around and I can undoubtedly declare myself a fan of Meghan Markle.

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