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Beauty at Cannes Film Festival 2018


There is no doubt that the glamour of the Red Carpet at Cannes Film Festival is absolutely something that you wish to see every day of your life. At a certain point, the festival becomes an inspiration for many women who like to know how to dress for an important event and which idea to embrace regarding hair and makeup.

The beauty of Cannes Film Festival is timeless, and time to time we like to search on the internet and get inspired from the style of Grace Kelly, or Brigitte Bardot while they attended the festival. As time goes by, different trends are perfectly presented on the red carpet, but something will never fade away: the fact that simplicity is still ruling it when it comes to the choice of makeup. As you will notice from our favorite beauty looks during the Film Festival, makeup was very simple, but yet in perfect synchronization with the beautiful sunshine in South of France. No wonder, celebrities opted for a more natural makeup where the “Golden Rule” was not broken: a touch of eyeshadow or an eyeliner applied to the eye area and a simple nude color or soft pink was applied on the lips; the classic eyeliner and the red lipstick was what stood out most, but some had decided to put only mascara on the eye area.

Even the hairstyle was quite simple and by looking at it, you could tell that it does not take that much to achieve that look. The hairstyles that dominated the most were loose wavy hair and hair kept simply, in a ponytail. As the Film Festival came to an end, we are showing you the best beauty looks, which you should for sure try on yourself.

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By Enxhi Tufina

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