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Balmain look for Balmain show


Balmain, with all its couture and elegance, is one of my favorite brands. I have always been a fan of their fashion shows and I know almost each of their outfits in details. The fabulous combinations of Oliver Rousteing, especially those of the last fashion show which you can now find on sale, remind me of the golden years of jazz, the `40s; full of fringed colored dresses. Extravagant models were dominant this year, but they came in clearer colors and especially nude, white or light brown. I decided to wear a Balmain T-shirt which is also one of my favorites and a leather skirt in original skin, the patchworks of which look perfectly with the T-shirt, and to add a classy shade I chose these black So-Kate. The belt is also Balmain, but I also have my favorite Tom Ford bag which is all the more practical, especially when attending such fashion shows due to the fact that you can put almost everything in it. My favorite Celine glasses for the fashion weeks are also present because they are dark enough and the last but not the least, my Saint Laurent bracelet.

Photo: Kim Byungjun

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