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Back at Work After the Holidays


As much as we enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Eve, unfortunately the holiday season comes to an end as January knocks on our door. Everyone goes back to their everyday life. Some have studies to do; some are in a rush to get to work on time.

The most “torturing” situation is trying to stay focused at work after spending an exciting month full of surprises. When you get back to your daily routine it is hard to stay focused and remember where you left off and what your priorities will be next.

January becomes your blue Monday, but you can get through this situation if you keep in mind some tips from our side.


Focus on what you like and embrace it

Consider the things you love about your job, focusing on what you’re doing, with no additional worries.


Make a daily “to-do” list and keep it nearby

It’s always helpful when you have your list of tasks beside your PC. Create a to-do list a day before you go to work and it will help you stay organized and prepared for the next day ahead.


Take short breaks

Getting back to work after the holidays does not mean that you have to work after-hours or forget to take your daily break. It is important that you follow your usual routine and rest a bit between hours so that you can avoid stress and confusion. You do not have to stay after-hours, but you can try to manage your daily tasks and take short breaks in between.


Work early and prioritize your tasks

The first hour of work is when people can be most productive.

So try to better prioritize your daily tasks on your agenda during the first hour.


Stay away from social media

If you want to be 100% committed to the idea of getting back to your normal routine, it is better that you avoid social media. It does not mean that you won’t scroll through your Instagram account the entire month, but you can limit the times you do such thing.

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