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How To Stay Focus At Work After Holidays


Struggling to keep focused at work after the Christmas holiday or after spending New Year’s Eve partying and drinking all night? Yes, we feel you! When you get back to work — boom — you’ve no idea where you left off or why you couldn’t get your mind and heart into it. January is like the Monday of months, but embrace the post-vacations blues! While it’s completely natural to feel sad that your vacation is over, it’s important to remember that there can always be another one in the future.

We have rounded some tips to help you staying focus at the work:


  • Focus on what you like and ramp it up

Consider the things you love about your job, focusing on what you’re doing, with no additional worries.

  • Make a daily “to-do” list and keep it nearby

It’s always helpful when you have your list of tasks beside your PC.  Try creating your to-do list the day before you head into the office. It can organize your thoughts and make you feel more prepared when you go to work.

  • Work early and prioritize your tasks

The first hour of work is when people can be most productive. So put all the taxing, difficult and challenging tasks on your agenda during the first hour. That will help you stay focused at work.

  • Take little and short breaks

Getting to the office early, working through lunch, and staying late doesn’t necessarily mean getting more stuff done. The breaks allows you to stretch a little and refresh your mind hence allowing you to stay focused better.

  • Clean up your desk

Take a few minutes to sort through everything, get important documents labeled for follow-up and action, and toss out reports that are no longer relevant. This will help you feel better organized as you get into the swing of things.

  • Stay away from social media

You cannot stay focus at work from social networks, and cell phones. Limit time on social media too. You can “like” your friend’s cute picture of his dog later…

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