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Baby Bangs


Other than getting inspiration from the catwalks during the fashion week, the Red Carpet events are also a good way to find inspiration on your look for a special event, may it be your wedding, a friend’s wedding or even prom. From beautiful gowns to the high heeled shoes, from the dazzling jewellery to the fine accessories, from the simple make-up to the hairstyle, red carpet events are always there to give us plenty of ideas.

But besides these sources of inspiration, movies and TV series now play an important role in the way we dress or do our own hair and makeup. Netflix’s Bridgerton for example has increased the interest on wearing corsets. That is why we expect to see lots of corsets for the spring/summer season. Apart from the clothes, what caught our attention in Bridgerton were Daphne’s baby bangs which take us back in 2018 when Emma Watson attended the Golden Globes. Back then baby bangs were a trend only for a short period of time.

Courtesy of Netflix


But things might change for us in 2021 and we are certain that we will see lots of baby bangs around since the fall/winter 2020-2021 season saw models walk in the most important runways in baby bangs.

Baby bangs had quite an upgrade this year, and we should keep that as an idea when we decide to give ourselves a full makeover.

DROMe Spring Summer 2021


Hermes Spring Summer 2021


Valentino Spring Summer 2021


Milano Moda Graduate Spring Summer 2021


Dior Haute Couture Spring Summer 2021


Dior Spring Summer 2021


Victoria Beckham Fall Winter 2020-2021


Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2020-2021


Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2020-2021


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