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Astrology Can Help You Find Your Luck


After the past year, we could all use a little luck in our life. Thank goodness astrology can help you discover pretty much anything you can imagine, including how to find your luck. You read right: There’s an astrological point in each of our birth charts that can help determine where our luck lies.

This imaginary point is called the Pars Fortuna or Lot of Fortune, and it’s calculated based on your Rising, Sun, and Moon signs. The math gets pretty tricky because it takes into account whether you have a day or night chart—but you can just use Café Astrology’s free Pars Fortuna calculator to find yours. (It’ll probably be different from your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, FYI.)



Your luck derives from your ability to express your individuality and leap into the unknown. You’re gifted with quick reflexes and your strong wit helps you carry yourself with a certain charm. Try your luck at opportunities that allow you to sell your image—just take a moment to evaluate if it’s really a good idea to put yourself out there!



You’re blessed with strong senses, and your luck will only increase when you learn how to hone them. Focus on recognizing the difference between quality and quantity, like by reading a book that teaches you to tell the difference between crystals and other natural materials by sight. (Then set up your brand-new crystal shop.)



You were literally granted the gift of the gab—you can thank the universe for that! Study words and expand your vocabulary. Your curiosity will lead you toward experiences worth vocalizing. Just try not to dip your hands into too many projects! Gemini energy is great at starting new tasks but not so great at finishing them.



Talk about a keen intuition! Your luck appears when you trust your gut feelings. Your Pars Fortuna in Cancer allows you the gift of processing and understanding emotions. While it isn’t always easy to have this placement, there’s incredible power in being a “feeler.” BTW, you probably also know your way around the kitchen.



Your luck exists in your star power, of course! Your natural creativity and ability to go above and beyond should be applauded. This placement can help you become someone with a phenomenal presence if you choose to act on your gifts. You’ll also find that with consistency and discipline, your work will do the talking for you.



You have a natural ability to be of service to others. In some ways, you’re a lot like a superhero, flying in to provide aid when it’s most needed. People without this placement might find your ability to step up remarkable. But it’s through helping others that your spirit really shines, granting you opportunities that others normally wouldn’t find accessible. What are you waiting for? Sign up to volunteer—community service will take you places.



Diplomatic much? Your gift is being able to put people at ease and bring a sense of peace where it was previously lost. Libra is known for its ability to cultivate balance, and with your Pars Fortuna in this sign, you often leave people with a positive perception of you. It helps that you’re blessed with a certain type of beauty! Your aesthetic makes it easy for people to enjoy being around you. Congratulations, you’re naturally magnetic.



Just like Libra, you have a unique ability to put people at ease. The difference is that something about your energy is both intimidating and powerful. The comfort you provide people enables them to open up to you, turning you into a keeper of secrets. This can mean that sometimes people will confide in you and then behave in weird or awkward ways after, so try not to take it personally.



Something about traveling turns you into a genius—I’m not kidding! You have the ability to be a quick learner, so you find yourself getting extremely lucky when it’s time to share what you know. Always be open to spreading your wings and traveling—the adventures you have will strengthen your mind!



This placement has the ability to turn you into an entrepreneur or boss. Pars Fortuna in Capricorn spells out your powerful potential to manifest desires—if you’re willing to put in the work. There are people who work tirelessly toward their goals and never achieve them, but that’s just not you. This placement give you an extra boost toward success. Hard work, consistency, and discipline are everything!



You’re a natural innovator. You have the power to see the world both for what it is and what it could be. This doesn’t have to be as all-consuming as it sounds. Having this placement makes you a natural inventor and influencer. Once you find your social circle and become exposed to enough info, it becomes very easy for you to stay ahead of the curve.



You’re blessed with the ability to understand complex emotions and complicated scenarios. Please know that this piece of luck is magnified as you learn how to prioritize your boundaries; otherwise, Jupiter’s rulership over Pisces may lead you to take on more than you can handle. Try your luck at creative projects and artistic endeavors. Don’t let the idea that something is too magical or too out-there keep you from trying it.


From Cosmopolitan

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