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My Looks During Paris Fashion Week S/S 2019

It’s been four years since I’ve started to be part of the Fashion Week. Surely, now it’s easier for me to organize trips, clothes and I know better what fits my style. During this fashion week I tried to stick to my style, although there were so many fashion shows.
The first outfit was from Alessandra Rich, in honor of her last fashion show. Being there was a privilege, especially since I got to meet the designer herself.
The second outfit was “my dream outfit” and maybe my favorite in the fashion week so far: a red elegant Vivienne Westwood ala 50’s, so suitable to my style, combined with a classic and very sensual Philip Treacy headband. This look defines who I am, it simply identifies with me.
The third outfit is a typical “in style” from Alexendre Vauthier, matched with YSL glasses and hat. I love polka dots and this is why I find this outfit fitting for a more modern look.
My fourth outfit during this fashion week is this Miu Miu dress. Although Miu Miu is an Italian brand, I find this dress so French and sensual, since it reminds me of the post-war period. Again I have matched with “Dorateymur” shoes that on the other hand are a reminiscent of those days as well. I am so into this kind of dresses, because I think they are both delicate and sensual at the same time. This outfit definitely makes me feel lovable

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