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Armina’s Best Looks of 2017


Armina Mevlani is the typical kind of girl who used to play with dolls and would spend hours locked up in her room sewing dresses for them. We can definitely say that it was exactly then when her love for fashion was born and would grow strong and deep roots on her. Today, Armina Mevlani is one of the most famous fashion bloggers. Her unmistakable style has definitely turned into an inspiration for many young girls worldwide. Nevertheless, when speaking of Armina, we don’t only mean style, we mean history!

She has been a big fan of the 50s fashion icons since in her teen years, but her love for fashion was not to remain stuck there. Armina has always been eager to learn more and more about the beauty icons of all times. Old classical movies always influenced her about getting a grip on how fashion has developed during the years. She found those movies very exciting and they really stretched her imagination, which would in the coming years turn to an inexhaustible creative force. To her, fashion is not only art, above all it is history.

The passion, the creativity and the big love for fashion made Armina work with such a passion in the fashion industry; first in a fashion magazine and now in her fashion blog, where she shares her passion and the latest fashion trends with her followers. Fashion to her is not only style or desire to be or feel beautiful; to her, each and every detail has got its own importance and is a turn back in time, a special moment to be remembered. Rock music, fashion icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and the classical movies have always inspired her and she often shows this in her style.

It can be said that vintage is her favorite style and the one that best identifies with her nature. Her elegance and finesse make you think that she was born in the wrong decade. Although she doesn’t want to be identified with a given style only, one cannot help but notice the influence of the 50s-60s on her. We are mainly speaking of the pinup style of the 50s: the classic femme fatale pinup in her perfect body lines and a signature make-up. If we were to go deeper into her style, we could also notice rock, Lolita and Latin colors. Armina Mevlani is just adorable and an inspiration to every girl!

We have selected Armina Mevlani’s most successful outfits of 2017. They all fit perfectly with her because she just knows how to make a trend into her favorite in the best style possible.

We have to admit it: she looks stunning in all of them! Let’s go check it out!


First look of 2017 is an amazing long burgundy dress paired with black killer hills.


This look is the right choice when it comes to business meetings or formal occasions


A typical Sunday asks for a very comfortable outfit, such as this one below. A floral romantic dress paired with black ankle boots and a bag in the color of the dress


A special occasion, such as Armina’s birthday, asks for an elegant dress, like this one, which can perfectly show off the shape of the body


When it comes to what to wear on different situations, Armina, gives the best example. Speaking of a day in the countryside? Armina has only one example to show you, Act like your are in a French movie. The choice of the dress is quite ideal.


Parisian style is always classic and very delicate on details. Armina’s choice on a beautiful day in Paris is so typically French



Going on a picnic is not boring at all when you have put the right long romantic dress on


Another choice is this light blue floral dress, which is very comfortable


Punk style will always be by Armina’s side and she knows how to pull off an amazing total punk look


Only Armina can turn a day at the beach into a romantic movie from the 50s. Her swimming suit is a tribute to the 50s style


Black dress, oversized coat, long boots combined with a scarf in the same color is the right choice to spend the day out and looking always amazing


Let’s just say that Armina’s choice on her Street Style look is amazing and she knows how to combine every detail, so that she can rock that outfit



There is no denying that Fashion Week is the right moment where you can really experiment with your style and you can show how far you can go with your imagination. See below some amazing outfits Armina wore during Milan and Paris Fashion Week






Written by: Irini Meçe

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