Angelina Jolie Donates to Yemen Crisis Appeal Organized by Two Young Boys in the U.K.


A fundraising appeal is currently underway to provide financial support to Yemen during its humanitarian crisis. Alongside the COVID-19 pandemic, the country is faced with ongoing conflict, poor sanitation, floods, lack of healthcare, and severe malnutrition. UNICEF estimates that as many as 12.2 million children in Yemen are currently in need of humanitarian assistance.

Responding to the country’s immense need, two young boys in the United Kingdom, Ayaan Moosa and Mikaeel Ishaaq, decided to set up a lemonade stand outside of their house. Dubbed “Lemonade for Yemen-Aid,” the stand gained international attention when it was featured on BBC News, helping to raise even more essential funding for the Yemen Crisis Appeal.

According to the Ilford Recorder, the lemonade stand even caught the attention of Angelina Jolie, who decided to make a donation to the fundraiser. The Hollywood star sent a personal note to the two boys which said, “Dear Ayaan and Mikaeel. Thank you for what you and your friends are doing to help children in Yemen. I’m sorry I’m not able to buy a lemonade from you, but I’d still like to make a donation to your stand. Love, [signed by Angelina].”

Ayaan’s mom, Adeela Moosa, told the Ilford Recorder, “When we first told them about it we got blank faces back because they had no idea who she was. So we had to watch Tomb Raider for them to get how famous she is.”


From Harper’s Bazaar US

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